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Sanhui Doll #26 Nora 163cm E cup silicone asian most realistic and affordable love dolls for men short hair soft breasts exquisite makeup best sex toy on sale


Description of #26 Nora

The Sanhui Doll #26 Nora 163cm E cup allows you to experience the most realistic and affordable love dolls for men. It features a short hair style and soft breasts, as well as an exquisite makeup for a lifelike appearance. Enjoy the best sex toy available today. Let her take you to start your sexual journey which would be fulfilled with thrills.

Details of Sanhui Sex Doll #26

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#26 Nora Specification

Height 163cm / 64.17inch
Head circumference 50cm / 19.69inch
Shoulder width 35cm / 13.78inch
Underbust 62cm / 24.41inch
Bust 82cm / 32.28inch
Waist 56cm / 22.05inch
Hips 90cm / 35.43inch
Leg length 76cm / 29.92inch
Arm circumference 22cm / 8.66inch
Thigh circumference 50cm / 19.69inch
Feet 22*8cm / 9*3inch
Weight (including head) 35kg / 77.16lb
Packing size 160*42*33cm / 63*17*13inch
Vagina 17cm / 6.69inch