Realistic Sanhui Sex Doll- the most Loyal Companion

All Sanhui dolls are made of high-quality medical-grade platinum silicone imported from Japan. Its stainless steel frame is mobile, durable, offers a wide range of motion similar to the human body, and uses environmentally friendly foam for cushioning. With a Sanhui doll UK, you can realize your various perverted sexual fantasies.

sanhui doll-realistic sex dolls

New Flexi Edition Skeleton

As one of the leading silicone sex doll manufacturers in China, Ssnhui has been committed to bringing customers the best designs. What Sanhui is showing you this time is a new skeleton design, which will enable the Sanhui doll to have a wider range of motion, and it will also make the skeleton more durable. So, don't miss it!

sanhui dolls-flexi edition skeleton

As we all know, the skeleton is the core of the sex doll, and the durability and flexibility of the skeleton greatly affect the quality of the sex doll. Some sex doll manufacturers entered the research and development of high-quality skeletons earlier, and SANHUI followed the pace and invested a lot of time and energy in skeleton design, finally realized the new Flexi Edition skeleton upgrade, and really brought the test to the extreme. With the upgrade of the new skeleton, the quality of Sanhui sex doll is largely superior to other sex dolls in the market.

New Adjustable Mouth

sanhui sex doll-adjustable mouth feature

In order to make the expression of the Sanhui doll richer and more vivid, Sanhui has worked hard on the doll's mouth.The first is to increase the size of the adjustable opening and closing. The previous doll's mouth was fixed, but now the adjustable chin can make facial expressions look richer, and the eyeballs that can rotate make facial expressions look more lively.

New Articulated Hands and Hard Feet

The design of the articulated hand allows the Sanhui doll's wrist and fingers to flexibly bend and twist like a real hand, so that the doll's movements will not appear too rigid. The design of the hard feet is not only for better looks (no exposed studs), it can also allow the doll to stand, but it is not designed for long-term standing, and there will be more obvious color difference.

sanhui doll uk-articulated hands and hard feet

New Implanted Hair and Shrugging Shoulders

The new implanted hair feature is now available on all heads and all Sanhui dolls come with textured skin feature by default now. The new Shrugging Shoulders design from Sanhui is now available for any Sanhui doll with Flexi Eidition skeleton. With this desination, the Sanhui doll can do the following posture:

sanhui silicone sex doll-implanted hairsanhui sex dolls-shrugging shoulders

Advantages Of Silicone Sanhui Sex Dolls

  • High-quality silicone can give sex dolls a touch similar to human skin
  • The silicone resists stains, dust buildup, and is convenient to clean
  • Allow us to create the finest details on dolls
  • Softness similar to human breasts
  • Why Choose Sanhui

    About Sanhui

    best silicone sex doll manufacturer

    Sanhui Model Making Co.,LTD is one of the leading silicone sex doll manufacturers in China, founded in 2010 in Nanning, China. They have since produced and sold these adorable companions. In order to better serve customers all over the world, Sanhui officially established the only legal English website facing the world. Over the years, they have continued to innovate and provide customers with a variety of colorful Sanhui dolls. While producing and selling high-quality dolls, they also provide customers with the most realistic, safest and best services.

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