Unique Realistic Custom Sex Doll

Maybe you have fantasies and preferences about your dream sex doll. Maybe you have browsed various types of sex dolls and still haven’t found the sex doll of your dreams. No problem, we offer custom sex doll services. You can tell us anything you want your sex doll to have, whether in appearance or function. We are very happy to listen to all your ideas about the sex doll, and we will work hard to create a dream baby that is exclusive to you and will satisfy you.

How to Build Your Own Love Doll

We know that everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences. When it comes to sex doll selection, we not only provide fixed stock sex dolls, but also allow users who have requirements for the appearance and function of sex dolls to purchase what they want here. We provide a variety of options on how to customize a sex doll that is your own and unique.

Method 1: Customize according to drawings

If you have a character you like very much, whether in the real world or the virtual world, we can customize the doll based on the images you provide. It should be noted that in order to restore the appearance and details of the characters in the image as much as possible, we need you to provide high-quality, clear images. In addition, the image should also fully display the person's face and body parts from as many angles as possible. In addition, you can add some text to describe the doll's characteristics and tell us the size of the customized doll you want. This process is very important. We are very willing to listen to your specific requirements for customized dolls and will try our best to restore the ideal lover in your dreams.

Method 2: Customize certain parts of existing sex dolls

If you are satisfied with the existing dolls in stock, but maybe you are not very satisfied with a certain part of its body or function, you can also contact us and let us know which sex doll you prefer. Tell us what parts you want to keep, what parts you want to customize, and what the specific content is. In this way, it will be relatively simple to make some changes based on the existing dolls, and the price should be correspondingly cheaper. However, it does not rule out that if the modified part is difficult to operate or may have an impact on other parts, the price at this time may be higher. Don't be worried. We would give you a detailed answer during the communication process with you.

Method 3: Completely customized according to your expectations

Some men may be experienced sex doll enthusiasts. If you have many years of knowledge and experience in the field of sex dolls, you can also want a sex doll that is completely customized by yourself. You can use multiple pictures and detailed text descriptions to describe what your ideal sex doll looks like, from the material to the body, from the head to the feet. Whether you want big breasts and perky butt, a hot long-legged beauty, a petite woman who can inspire people's protective desire, or more types of sex dolls, we can customize them. We will definitely work hard to meet your customization requirements to the greatest extent, so that the sex doll you finally get is your ideal and perfect sex doll.

Something should be Noticed:

  • Once customized content is confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled
  • We refuse to customize child sex dolls
  • Don’t use sex dolls from celebrity or trademarked entities unless you have permission
  • Difference between Custom Sex Dolls & Stock Sex Dolls

    In terms of price, there is no doubt that custom-made sex dolls are definitely more expensive than existing stock sex dolls. And due to the different customized content, the specific charges will depend on the customized content. Doll customization takes a long time in terms of time and cost. From the beginning, we confirm the specific content of customization with the user, to contact the factory for customization, and then to deliver the goods to you. This is no different than having existing stock dolls shipped directly from the warehouse, custom sex dolls take much longer. Of course, customized sex dolls can better meet your preferences in terms of appearance and function, allowing you to have a unique sex doll of your own. Isn’t this a wonderful thing?

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