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Zelex Doll Inspiration GE95 Zana 175cm|5.74ft E-cup UK premium durable silicone skinny sex dolls for men western full size curvy love toys with ROS


Descriptions of Zelex Dolls GE95 Zana

The Zelex Doll Inspiration GE95 Zana is a premium, durable silicone sex doll for men. Standing at 175cm|5.74ft tall with a curvy figure and E-cup breasts, this skinny sex doll is designed to provide a realistic and satisfying experience. Crafted with ROS technology, she is the perfect companion for those seeking an intimate and fulfilling connection.

Specifications of Zelex GE95 Zana

Height:175cm / 5.74ft

Upper bust:88.5cm / 34.84in

Underbust:69cm / 27.17in

Waistline:66.5cm / 26.18in

Hips:96.5cm / 37.99in

Neck circumference:30cm / 11.81in

Shoulder width:41cm / 16.14in

Hand length:75cm / 29.53in

Palm length:18cm / 7.09in

Leg length:84cm / 33.07in

Foot length:23cm / 9.06in

Lower body depth:17cm / 6.69in

Anal depth:16cm / 6.30in

Weight:40kg / 88.18lbs