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Zelex Doll, is also known as wax doll. If you also seek excitement and pleasure, you may wish to consider Zelex dolls. Freckles, second head, gel breasts and butt, public hair, vagina suction, articulated fingers and standing without bolts are all free for you. Choosing zelex sex dolls and it will bring you the most authentic experience and happiness.

Zelex Sex Doll Launches New EXP Skeleton

The EXP skeleton is an expanded version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling zelex companion doll to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions, which makes zelex dolls even more attractive.When customers place an order for a zelex doll, they can choose between the traditional EVO skeleton or the more expressive EXP skeleton.

zelex doll-exp skeleton

New Features of EXP Skeleton

Extended Shoulder Movement: Increased joint mobility allows the shoulder to retract, coordinating with the movement of the arms, unlock more poses and greatly enhance the doll's ability to showcase itself.

Ball-Jointed Neck: Increased ball-and-socket joint allows for free movement of the head, resulting in a more lifelike appearance.

Double-Jointed Elbow: The elbow joint is redesigned to a double-jointed structure and the wrist joint is enhanced with a ball-and-socket joint, enabling zelex doll UK has more diverse and natural movements of the elbow and hand.

Flexible Waist: Re-adjustment of the lumbar joint provides both stable support and ease of twisting movement.

Silicone Zelex Doll UK Optimized Clip Suction

The zelex dolls clip suction module has been optimized by externalizing the circuit, air pump, and battery, and leaving only a water-resistant vent on the body. The advantage of externalized modules id that if the battery is aged or the module is damaged, the external parts can be replaced directly without causing harm to the doll itself.

zelex dolls-clip suction

Clip suction module instrcution

Power key: Long press 1.5 seconds to power on, the LED will be steady on, and the voice calling mode will be automatically opened. Click the power key to switch the voice of 4 countries. Double-click to close the voice mode and double-click again to restart the voice mode.

Mode key: Click the mode key to select three frequency clamping modes.

Charging port: Stop working when charging, all LED flashes when charging, fully charged LED long bright.

Companion Zelex Doll Inspiration Series

Inspiration series default soft head and customers can choose a hard head with unlimited head shape. This Inspiration series of zelex dolls has the following four features:

zelex sex doll-inspriation series

True restoration of oral structure

One-to-one true restoration of oral structure with movable jaws.

zelex love doll-movable jaws

Replaceable labia to suit individual needs

More than one removable vagina for you to choose.

zelex doll uk-replaceable labia

Softer breasts and Kneadable butt

Combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.

zelex sex dolls-breasts-butt

Human-like skin details not easy to fade

After several years of professional wax make up technology, the details of the skin of the zelex dolls can be described as lifelike. It's as if the whole body is full of vitality, and it is vividly presented in front of your eyes with life. Zelex sex doll has run a new trial aimed at making dolls stay with you longer. In order to keep the makeup of head and body more solid and durable, Zelex doll has developed a new color sealing process. And now you won't be worried about that the details of skin are easy to fade.

Explore World of Zelex Dolls

Full Silicone

Full silicone doll will come as default with one standard head and one soft head. You also have free choices on the models of these two zelex doll head.

wax doll-full silicone

Silicone Head + TPE Body

TPE body can't do pegless standing, hard hands, weight loss, gel ass, new split with labia shape, but it can do gel boobs and clip suction vagina.Customers can choose all of Zelex's silicone heads to match with TPE bodies. Different materials between the zelex doll head and the body would make the zelex sex dolls more realistic.

wax dolls-silicone head+tpe body

About Zelex Sex Dolls in UK

Zelex was created by a group of people who have a strong interest in dolls. Founded in 2017, the company has been committed to becoming a large-scale toy manufacturer integrating design, research, development, production and sales. With unremitting efforts, Zelex has established a complete R&D and design team, including three-dimensional design, sculpture, mold, makeup design, hair design and so on. With 3,000 employees, Zelex has more product categories, more production materials, and better after-sales services. Focusing on "customer needs", the company continues to provide users with high-quality, super-realistic wax dolls and super-realistic Zelex love doll to meet their sexual and emotional needs.

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