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Fire Doll Anna #64 166cm|5.45ft C-cup UK high quality TPE sex dolls for sale western life size female love toys for men black long wavy hair

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Descriptions of Fire Sex Doll #64 Anna

Fire Doll Anna #64 is an ultra-realistic, UK-made sex doll with a life-sized height of 166cm|5.45ft and a C-cup bust size. Made from high quality TPE, this doll features a black long wavy hair that provides superior tactile sensations and a realistic look. Customizable and easily stored, Anna #64 is the perfect companion for sexual exploration.

Specifications of Fire Doll Sex #64 Anna

Height:166cm / 5.45ft

Upper Bust:80cm / 31.5in

Under Bust:63cm / 24.8in

Waist:57.5cm / 22.6in

Hip:87cm / 34.3in

Shoulder Width:38cm / 15.0in

Hand Length:67cm / 26.4in

Leg Length:104cm / 40.9in

Thigh Length:56cm / 22.0in

Foot Length:21cm / 8.3in

Net Height:149cm / 4.89ft

Thigh Circumference:46cm / 18.1in

Long Legs:82cm / 32.3in

Calf Circumference:30cm / 11.8in

Weight:37kg / 81.6lbs

Package Weight:44.3kg / 97.7lbs

Package Size:155*40*28cm / 61*16*11in