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Fire Doll specializes in creating TPE dolls with hot and sexy figures. Compared with other sex doll manufacturers, it is a comprehensive cost-effective choice. If you're looking for a good quality sex doll at an affordable price, take a look at Fire Doll!

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Jade Fire Sex Doll with Heating and Pronunciation Function

The heating function allows users to feel more realistic, while the pronunciation function allows users to hear more realism. Both are to allow users to have a more realistic and comfortable sexual experience when playing with Fire Doll sex dolls. It should be noted that the sound generator is on the head and the heating is connected to the body. The heating is for the whole body, except for the neck, hands and feet. When users touch or press the doll's breasts, vagina and thighs, the Fire doll will imitate human beings moaning in a sweet sound during intercourse.

Sex Doll Jade Fire with Silicone Head And TPE Body

The standard configuration of silicone head and TPE body dolls includes realistic finger bones, wig, feet with bolts to stand, double joint, shrug and joint neck. In addition to the above, Fire Doll also gives some gifts including clothes, connecting screws, combs, gloves, irrigators and heating sticks.

Whether it is a TPE doll or a doll with a silicone head, there are three choices for breasts, including hollow breasts, solid breasts and jelly breasts. You can choose one of the first two for free, or you can pay a certain fee to upgrade to jelly breasts, because jelly breasts are close to real breasts in terms of softness and realism.

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Why choose Fire Doll

Fire Doll aims to provice a realistic experience to each of customers. The Fire sex dolls are not only provide customers a premium experience, but also they are durable for the special material. Adhering to the concept of customer first, Fire Doll is always committed to provide high-quality products and service for customers. And that's why it is popular with doll friends.

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FireDoll Nanla S1 151cm|4.95ft C-cup UK premium durable silicone skinny ELF sex dolls for sale western life size lesbian sexy toys

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FireDoll Masa S3 155cm|5.08ft H-cup UK best hybrid thick sex dolls for sale western life size mature curvy sexy toys with big boobs&big booty black long straight hair

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Fire Doll Mika #80 156cm|5.12ft H-cup UK high quality cheap TPE big boobs sex dolls for sale western life size curvy female love toys with blonde long wavy hair

Descriptions of Fire Dolls #80 Mika Experience the ultimate pleasure with Fire Doll Mika. This high-quality, life-size TPE sex doll is 156cm tall and boasts an impressive H-cup size. With...
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FireDoll B1 #45 85cm|2.79ft I-cup UK high quality affordable big boobs&big booty torso sex doll with blonde long hair exquisite facial make up

Descriptions of Fire Sex Doll Torso B1 #45 Enhance your pleasure with the Fire Doll B1 #45 85cm|2.79ft I-cup sex doll. Made with high-quality materials, this affordable torso doll features...
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FireDoll #4 Daphne 157cm|5.15ft B-cup UK cheap high quality TPE skinny sex dolls for men western life size female love toys for sale black medium hair slim body feature

Descriptions of Fire Doll #4 Daphne Introducing FireDoll #4 Daphne, your new favorite companion. Standing at 157cm and boasting a B-cup, this TPE sex doll offers the perfect blend of...