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Fire Doll Lee #53 163cm|5.35ft H-cup UK best TPE BBW sex toys for men western high quality&hyper realistic female curvy adult dolls for sale huge breasts big butt


Description of Fire Dolls #53 Lee

Get ready to experience ultimate pleasure with Fire Doll Lee #53! At 163cm tall and boasting a H-cup, this hyper realistic TPE sex doll is the perfect adult toy for men. With high quality design, western features, and a curvy body, she offers a realistic and fulfilling experience. Don't miss out on the huge breasts and big butt that will leave you satisfied.

Details of Fire Doll Sex #53 Lee

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Specifications of Fire Doll Sex Doll #53 Lee

Height 163cm / 5.35ft

Bust 94cm / 37.0in

Under Bust 69cm / 27.2in

Waist 79cm / 31.1in

Hips 114cm / 44.9in

Shoulder 36cm / 14.2in

Foot Length 21cm / 8.3in

Net Weight 52.5kg / 115.7lbs

Gross Weight 61kg / 134.5lbs