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Fire Doll Avis #43 158Scm|5.18ft I-cup western affordable high quality TPE sex dolls for sale hyper realistic female love toys short hair slim waist big breasts

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Descriptions of Fire Sex Doll #43 Avis

Fire Doll Avis #43 is the perfect western-style sex doll for those looking for quality and affordability. This 158Scm|5.18ft I-cup doll is made from high-quality TPE and has hyper realistic features. With her short hair, slim waist and big breasts, she's sure to give you an enjoyable and realistic experience.

Specifications of Fire Doll Sex #43 Avis

Height:158Scm / 5.18ft

Upper Bust:81cm / 31.9in

Under Bust:48cm / 18.9in

Waist:47cm / 18.5in

Hip:79cm / 31.1in

Shoulder Width:30cm / 11.8in

Hand Length:65cm / 25.6in

Leg Length:85cm / 33.5in

Thigh Length:52cm / 20.5in

Foot Length:20cm / 7.9in

Net Height:140cm / 4.59ft

Thigh Circumference:41cm / 16.1in

Long Legs:81cm / 31.9in

Calf Circumference:26cm / 10.2in

Weight:29kg / 63.9lbs

Package Weight:36kg / 79.4lbs

Package Size:150*40*28cm / 59*16*11in