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Fire Dolls Bonny NO.40 161cm|5.28ft hyper realistic uk warehouse sex doll on sale best TPE adult toy for men brown eyes long blond hair natural skin

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Descriptions of Fire Doll #40 Bonny

Introducing Fire Dolls Bonny NO.40, a 161cm hyper-realistic sex doll made from the highest grade TPE. This lifelike doll has brown eyes and long blond hair, guaranteed to make it the best adult toy for men. Shop now and experience the best of luxury and pleasure.

Details of FireDoll #40 Bonny

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Specifications of Fire Doll Sex Doll #40 Bonny

Height 161cm / 5.28ft

Body Head NO.40#

Bust 88cm / 34.6inch

Waist 57cm / 22.4inch

Hips 88cm / 34.6inch

Skin Natural

Net Weight 37kg / 81.6lbs

Gross Weight 44kg / 97.0lbs