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Doll Forever Dean DFS02 175cm|5.74ft western durable silicone male love dolls for sale high quality&hyper realistic gay sex toys short wavy hair tanned skin

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Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS02

Elevate your pleasure with Doll Forever Dean DFS02. Standing at a height of 175cm, this durable silicone male love doll is crafted with high quality materials for a hyper realistic experience. With short wavy hair and tanned skin, he's the perfect companion for intimate moments.

Specifications of Doll Forever DFS02

Height 175cm / 5.74ft Male Doll
Weight 47kg / 103.62lbs
Neck 36cm / 14.17in
Shoulder 51cm / 20.08in
Bust 92cm / 36.22in
Under bust 81cm / 31.89in
Waist 68cm / 26.77in
Hips 85cm / 33.46in
Thigh length 63cm / 24.80in
Thigh circumference 50cm / 19.69in
Low leg length 52cm / 20.47in
Calf circumference 33cm / 12.99in
Upperarm length 35cm / 13.78in
upper arm girth 30cm / 11.81in
Forearm length 43cm / 16.93in
forearm girth 26cm / 10.24in
Feet 25cm / 9.84in
Vagina 15cm/16cm/18cm/24cm
Anus 17cm / 6.69in
Oral 11cm / 4.33in
Carton Size 170*52*33cm
Packing Weight 55kg / 121.25lbs