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Advantages of Doll Forever Sex Dolls

  • Premium TPE: Optimization of raw materials’ formula, with less proportion (weight is less than before), strong permeability, without peculiar smell, low oil yield and better feeling of touch.
  • EVO enhanced version skeleton: More skeleton, more reasonable, more Simulation, easy operation, could realize perfectly the gestures of kneeling position, asian squat, palm hold the chin, do shrug and hold out a bosom, etc. Meanwhile use more aluminum parts to achieve light weight.
  • Wigs are customized according to each type of sex doll, which is more suitable, more fit to their characters, also have many options.
  • Packing is more reasonable and safe, every doll forever sex doll use memory foam for package, and dedicated white blanket to cover whole body, in the mean time, the measurement of the packing is relatively small for easy transportation and collection.
  • Oral, vagina and anus channel are totally separated with internal skeleton, which is sanitary, antirust and safe.
  • Hollow breasts’ forming technology is advanced, more reasonable hollow space without second slotting, for real touching and light weight.
  • Vagina’s internal structure is diverse, more choices and more realistic experience, double colors inside including light pick and fastness after multiple process.
  • Both head and body are applied 3D print technique, making exploring costs lower and efficiency higher.
  • All raw materials including cosmetics with high level and security, other factories used industrial materials, which is smelly and unsafe.

  • Customized Options

      • Natural | Pink | Light Brown | Dark Brown
        3cm | 4cm | 5cm
    doll4ever-areola sizes
      • Solid | Hollow
    sex doll forever-breasts option
    doll forever sex dolls-options skeleton
      • Blue | Blue-Green | Brown | Green | Red | White | Yellow
      • French Manucure Pink | French Manucure Natural | Pink | #5 Reddish Orange | #2 Pearl White | #7 Red | #11 Sky Blue | #13 Pearl Light Purple | #17 Pearl Light Yellow | #19 Pearl Light Blue
      • French Manucue Pink | #21 Dark Pink | #4 Red | #7 Natural | #19 Lavender | #6 Fluorescent White | #5 Fluorescent Yellow | #13 Sky Blue | #17 Brown
    Doll-Forever Nail Color
      • Feet Normal | Feet Standing
    sex with doll forever-feet option
      • Natural | Pink | Light Brown | Dark Brown
    doll forever-libia colors
      • Normal | Coating
    doll forever-lip options
      • Black | Brown | Blonde
      • SKIN TONES
      • White | Pink White | Honey Light | Slight Tan | Dark Tan
    doll4ever-skin tone options
    doll forever sex doll-vagina option

    About Doll Forever

    Doll-Forever entered the physical doll industry in 2016. This is a team with senior experience in the real-life doll industry and has strong capabilities in designing, developing and producing sex dolls. Doll-Forever is committed to creating the best customer experience with the most professional quality and the most complete service.

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    sex doll shop d4e03

    Doll Forever Denzel DFS03 175cm|5.74ft UK best durable silicone gay male sex dolls for sale life size men adult toys tanned skin black hair

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS03  Introducing the Doll Forever Denzel DFS03, standing at an impressive 175cm (5.74ft). Crafted with durable silicone, this life-size male sex doll offers the ultimate pleasure experience....
    men real doll d4e02

    Doll Forever Dean DFS02 175cm|5.74ft western durable silicone male love dolls for sale high quality&hyper realistic gay sex toys short wavy hair tanned skin

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS02 Elevate your pleasure with Doll Forever Dean DFS02. Standing at a height of 175cm, this durable silicone male love doll is crafted with high quality materials...
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    Doll Forever Lucas DFS01 175cm|5.74ft UK premium durable silicone gay male love dolls for sale western ultra realistic men sex toys tan skin muscular feature

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS01 With a height of 175cm (5.74ft), the Doll Forever Lucas DFS01 is a premium, durable silicone gay male love doll designed for sale in the UK....
    sex doll shop d4e dfs04

    Doll Forever DFS04 Devon 170cm|5.58ft UK high quality durable silicone male sex dolls for sale western hyper realistic blonde men adult toys muscular feature short blond hair

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS04 Devon Discover ultimate satisfaction with Doll Forever's DFS04 Devon 170cm silicone male sex doll. Standing at 5.58ft, he boasts high quality and durability for long-lasting pleasure....
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    Doll Forever DFS03 Denzel 170cm|5.58ft UK durable silicone life size male sex dolls for sale high quality western men love toys huge penis strong body feature

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS03 Denzel Experience ultimate pleasure with Doll Forever DFS03 Denzel 170cm|5.58ft life size male sex doll. Made with durable silicone and featuring a huge penis and strong...
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    Doll Forever DFS02 Dean 170cm|5.58ft western premium durable silicone gay male sex dolls for sale high quality&hyper realistic men adult toys

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS02 Dean Introducing Doll Forever Male DFS02 Dean 170cm|5.58ft, the premium, durable, and hyper realistic male sex doll for sale. Made with high-quality silicone, it offers a...
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    DFS01 Lucas Doll Forever 170cm|5.58ft UK best durable silicone hyper realistic male sex dolls for sale western high quality gay love toys strong body huge penis

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever DFS01 Lucas Introducing the Doll Forever Male DFS01 Lucas, a hyper realistic male sex doll standing at 170cm/5.58ft tall. Crafted with high-quality silicone, this doll offers a...
    sex doll shop D4E Artemis

    Doll Forever Artemis 160cm|5.25ft D-cup UK premium durable silicone mature sex dolls for sale western life size female curvy love toys for men black long wavy hair medium breasts

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever Artemis This Doll Forever Artemis premium silicone sex doll stands at 160cm (5.25ft) with a D-cup bust, providing a realistic and satisfying experience. Her flexible and durable...
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    Doll Forever JianX 160cm|5.25ft D-cup western durable pure silicone sex dolls for sale high quality&ultra realistic female love toys for men short hair simulated oral cavity

    Descriptions of Doll Forever JianX Doll Forever JianX 160cm|5.25ft is a premium sex doll crafted from ultra realistic, durable silicone. It features an anatomically correct D-cup chest and a realistic...
    realistic sex dolls 4ever

    Doll Forever Heather 160cm|5.25ft D-cup Asian high quality durable silicone sex dolls for men ultra realistic female love toys on sale simulated oral cavity

    Descriptions of Doll Forever Heather Doll Forever Heather is a 160cm|5.25ft D-cup Asian silicone sex doll made with ultra-realistic materials that are durable and long-lasting. This doll features an articulated...
    male sex doll doll-forever Dean

    Doll Forever Dean 170cm|5.58ft TPE hyper realistic male sex dolls for women high quality asian man love toys on sale strong muscle huge penis

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever Dean Meet Doll Forever Dean, the realistic and hyper-realistic TPE male sex doll. Standing at 170cm|5.58ft this lifelike doll has strong musculature, an Asian man appearance and...
    male sex doll doll-forever denzel

    Doll Forever Denzel 170cm|5.58ft high quality TPE gay male sex dolls for women affordable life size asian gay love toys on sale muscular type long huge penis

    Descriptions of Doll-Forever Denzel Meet Doll Forever Denzel 170cm|5.58ft, a high-quality male TPE sex doll built with superior craftsmanship. Featuring a life-size, muscular frame and long, huge penis, this realistic...