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Cosdoll NO.999 Jessica 165cm G-cup best silicone sex dolls for men asian life like hot sexy toys on sale huge breasts black leather jacket long straight hair

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Descrition of Cos Doll #999 Jessica

Cosdoll NO.999 Jessica features a 165cm G-cup silicone build, offering lifelike texture and realistic movement. She comes with a black leather jacket and long straight hair, perfect for men seeking an enhanced sexual experience. Experience the realism of Cosdoll NO.999 Jessica today.

Details of Cosdol #999

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Specifications of Cosdoll Sex Jessica

height 165cm / 5.41ft
shoulder width 33cm / 13in
upper bust 84cm / 33in
underbust 58cm / 23in
waistline 52cm / 20in
Hips 98cm / 39in
Arm length 58cm / 23in
Palm length 17cm / 7in
Leg length 88cm / 35in
Long sole of foot 21cm / 8in
weight 40kg / 88lb