Get Thrill From Cosdoll

It is well known that replacing TPE with silicone makes sex dolls softer and more real. Cosdoll has two typical sex dolls including pure silicone and silicone head match TPE body. Try getting a Cos doll to accompany you, it will bring you much thrill in life.

Real Oral Sex(ROS)

Providing users with the most realistic oral passages, the flexible jaw can open and close the lips with ease. The soft tongue brings users a full sense of experience.

cosdoll-real oral sex
  • Movable Jaw: Freely adjustable
  • Realistic Oral Details: Teeth, tongue, uvula
  • Oral Sex Channel: Enjoy real oral sex

  • Heating And Pronunciation Function

    After the cos doll is connected to the heating power supply, the whole body can be heated, allowing users to feel as real as the temperature of a real human body. Here are something important should be noticed when heating the cosdoll:

  • Keep the doll lying flat during heating;
  • Don't use or operate the doll during heating;
  • Don't keep heating the doll for over one hour;
  • Make sure the whole heating process is under the supervision of adult.
  • And about the pronunciation function, it usually has two versions as follow:

    1. Five-point voice doll

    The body sensors are inside the doll breasts, vagina and thighs for touch sensing. The doll moans when pressed on breasts, vagina and thighs.

    2. Three-point voice doll

    The Body sensors are inside the doll breasts and vagina for touch sensing. The doll moans when pressed on breasts and vagina.

    Different Colors Of Eye

    There are various colors of eye between the TPE dolls and silicone dolls. If you choose a TPE cosdoll, the eye colors includes black, blue, green, brown red and brown. If not, the eye colors of silicone cosdoll only has three choice including blue, green and brown.

    cosdol-green-eyecosdoll sex-brown-eyecosdoll sexdoll-blue-eyecos play dolls-deep-brown-eye cos-doll-black-eye

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