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SY Doll Flora M33 162cm|5.31ft I-cup UK premium hybrid BBW sex dolls for men western real life mature fat lady with big breasts&big booty&ros


Descriptions of SY Dolls M33 Flora

Meet SY Doll Flora M33, the ultimate BBW sex doll designed for men who appreciate a voluptuous figure. At 5.31ft tall with I-cup breasts and a curvaceous body, this doll boasts a realistic and premium hybrid design. Experience the pleasure of a real-life mature fat lady with big breasts, big booty, and rosy skin. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Details of SY Sex Doll M33 Flora

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Specifications of SY Sex Dolls M33 Flora

Height:162cm / 5.31ft fat woman
Weight:48kg / 105.8lbs
Billing weight:55kg / 121.3lbs
Bust:98cm / 38.6in
Waist:65cm / 25.6in
Hip:105cm / 41.3in
Under bust:67cm / 26.4in
Shoulder width:33cm / 13.0in
Arm length:50cm / 19.7in
Hand length:15cm / 5.9in
Leg length:76cm / 29.9in
Foot length:20cm / 7.9in
Arm circumference:29cm / 11.4in
Thigh circumference:60cm / 23.6in
Calf circumference:35cm / 13.8in
Neckline:29cm / 11.4in
Oral depth:13cm / 5.1in
Vaginal depth:18cm / 7.1in
Anal depth:17cm / 6.7in
Package dimensions:153*43*37cm