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SY Doll Lina #92 161cm|5.28ft I-cup Asian life like hybrid big breasts sex dolls for men high quality Chinese female adult toys for sale lone wavy hair soft huge boobs perfect body curves


Descriptions of SY Sex Doll #92 Lina

The SY Doll Lina #92 sex doll boasts a realistic I-cup size and stands at 161cm tall, making it a highly desirable choice for men seeking high-quality adult toys. With a mix of lifelike materials and impeccable attention to detail, this Asian beauty features lone wavy hair and perfect body curves that will provide endless pleasure.

Specifications of SY Dolls #92 Lina

Height:161cm / 5.28ft
Weight:39.6kg / 87.3lbs
Bust:92cm / 36.22in
Waist:52cm / 20.47in
Hip:96cm / 37.80in
Shoulder width:36cm / 14.17in
Arm length:53cm / 20.87in
Hand length:15cm / 5.91in
Leg length:90cm / 35.43in
Oral depth:13cm / 5.12in
Vaginal depth:18cm / 7.09in
Anal depth:17cm / 6.69in
Package dimensions:147*42*34cm