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SY Doll Xila #204 160cm|5.25ft D-cup UK high quality hybrid curvy sex dolls for sale western life size lesbian sexy love toys with long brown straight hair


Descriptions of SY Dolls #204 Xila

The SY Doll Xila #204 is a high-quality, UK hybrid sex doll that stands at 160cm (5.25ft) tall with a curvy D-cup figure. Its realistic size and lifelike features make it the ideal companion for exploring your desires. With long brown hair and a stunning appearance, this curvy sex doll is sure to provide a satisfying and intimate experience.

Details of SY Sex Doll #204 Xila

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Specifications of SY Sex Dolls #204 Xila

Arm Length: 65cm / 25.59in

Leg Length: 88cm / 34.65in

Shoulder Width: 36cm / 14.17in

Upper Bust: 83cm / 32.68in

Under Bust: 65cm / 25.59in

Waist: 53cm / 20.87in

Hip: 92cm / 36.22in

Hand Length: 16cm / 6.30in

Foot Length: 21cm / 8.27in

Neckline: 27cm / 10.63in

Weight: 35.7kg / 78.71lbs