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Starpery Dolls Yvonne Eve 174cm|5.71ft D-cup UK durable silicone muscular sex dolls for sale realistic western curvy love toys for men

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Descriptions of Starpery Dolls Yvonne Eve

Introducing Starpery Dolls Yvonne Eve, the pinnacle of realistic western curvy love toys for men. Standing at an impressive 174cm|5.71ft with a D-cup size, this durable silicone muscular sex doll offers unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction. Experience the ultimate in lifelike intimacy with Yvonne Eve.

Details of Starpery SexDoll Yvonne Eve

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Specifications of Starpery SexDolls Yvonne Eve

174 muscle silicone body + Head Yvonne Eve

Head: Yavonne eve, implanted synthetic hair

Skin tone: tan

Body Measurements:

Shoulder=38cm / 15.0in

B-W-H=84-57-100cm / 33.1-22.4-39.4in

Underbust=65cm / 25.6in

Thigh circumference =50cm / 19.7in

Culf circumference = 34.5cm / 13.6in

Feet =22.3cm / 8.8in

Weight with weight reduction 3.0: 38.5kg (silicone body) / 84.9lbs

Head weight: 2kg/ 4.4lbs around

Carton size: 160*45*32cm