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Starpery Doll Pamela v3 171cm|5.61ft D-cup UK best silicone life size sex dolls for men western skinny sexy toys with brown long wavy hair


Descriptions of Starpery Dolls Pamela

Meet Starpery Doll Pamela v3, the ultimate life-size female sex doll for men. Standing at 171cm (5.61ft) and boasting a D-cup bust, she's the perfect companion for intimate pleasure. Made with the best silicone material and featuring long wavy hair, this Western-styled doll is sure to satisfy all your desires.

Details of Starpery SexDoll Pamela

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Specifications of Starpery Sex Dolls Pamela

171cm D cup silicone body
Head: Pamela,implanted synthetich hair

Skin: Light Tan
Material in pic: Full Silicone
Weight(original)  39kg / 86.0lbs
Weight(loss)  33kg / 72.75lbs
Shoulder  37cm / 14.6in
Breasts  85.5cm / 33.7in
Under Bust  65cm / 25.6in
Waist  56.5cm / 22.2in
Hip  89cm / 35.0in
Thigh  50cm / 19.7in
Vagina  19cm / 7.5in
Anus  17cm / 6.7in
Foot Length  21.5cm / 8.5in
Carton size  160*45*32cm