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Starpery Doll Natalia 165cm|5.41ft D-cup UK high quality silicone big booty sex dolls for men western life size curvy sexy toys with ROS


Descriptions of Starpery Dolls Natalia

The Starpery Doll Natalia is a big booty sex doll designed for maximum pleasure. Standing at 165cm|5.41ft and featuring a D-cup size, this doll is made from UK high-quality silicone for a lifelike feel. With its curvy and sexy figure and ROS (Realistic Oral System), this doll offers a western life experience like no other.

Details of Starpery Sex Doll Natalia

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Specifications of Starpery Sex Dolls Natalia

165cm D cup silicone body

Height: 165cm | 5.41ft

Head: Natalia ROS head, Wig

Skin tone: wheat
Body measurements:

Shoulder: 38cm | 15.0in
B-W-H: 87-63-111cm | 34.2-24.8-43.7in
Tigh: 51cm | 20.1in
Vagina: 18cm | 7.1in
Anus: 17cm | 6.7in
Feet: 23cm | 9.1in

Weight(loss): 40kg | 88.2lbs
Weight(original): 51.3kg | 113.1lbs
Carton Size: 160*45*32cm