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Starpery Doll Natalia 165cm|5.41ft D-cup UK best silicone big booty sex dolls for men western life size curvy love toys with real oral cavity


Descriptions of Starpery Dolls Natalia

The Starpery Doll Natalia is the ultimate in lifelike adult toys, standing at an impressive 165cm|5.41ft tall and featuring a realistic D-cup size. Made from high-quality silicone, this curvy sex doll offers a Western touch to your intimate experiences. With a real oral cavity, you can enjoy an even more authentic encounter.

Details of Starpery SexDoll Natalia

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Specifications of Starpery SexDolls Natalia

165cm D cup silicone body

Height: 165cm

Cup: D cup

Head: Natalia ROS head, Wig

Skin tone: Wheat

Shoulder= 38cm / 15.0in

B-W-H = 88-65-110cm / 34.6-25.6-43.3in

Underbust=69cm / 27.2in, D cup

Feet=23cm / 9.1in

Thigh circumference =51cm / 20.1in

Calf circumference=33.5cm / 13.2in

Body weight= 40kg / 88.2lbs(after weight reduction)
Head weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs