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SE Doll Annika.A #068SO 160cm|5ft2 C-cup UK high quality durable silicone sex dolls for men western life size female love toys with oral function natural skin

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Descriptions of SE Dolls #068SO Annika.A

Experience pleasure like never before with SE Doll Annika.A #068SO. Standing at 160cm (5ft2) and featuring a C-cup, this high quality, durable silicone sex doll is perfect for men seeking a fulfilling and realistic sexual experience. With an oral function and natural skin, Annika.A is the ultimate addition to your intimate life.

Specifications of Real SE Doll #068SO Annika.A

Material:Full Silicone
Head SE#068SO (S meant silicone, O meant with oral function)
Name: Annika.A
Skin color:natural

Height 160cm | 5ft2
Upper bust 82cm | 32.28 in
Under bust 67cm | 26.38 in
Cup C
Waist 63cm | 24.80 in
Hip 93cm | 36.61 in

Arm length 46cm | 18.11 in
Shoulder 35cm | 13.78 in
Calf line 32cm | 12.60 in
Thigh line 52cm | 20.47 in
Leg Length 83cm | 32.68 in
Foot length 22cm | 8.66 in
Vagina depth 17cm | 6.69 in
Anus depth 15cm | 5.91 in
Oral depth 13cm | 5.12 in
Net Weight 27kg | 59.52 lbs
Package Weight 41kg | 90.39 lbs
Packing size 148*39*32cm