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SE Doll Harper.C #122 161cm|5ft3 F-cup UK premium TPE BDSM Doll for men western life size curvy love toys with huge boobs


Descriptions of SE Dolls #122 Harper.C

With a height of 161cm (5ft3) and F-cup size bust, the SE Doll Harper.C #122 is a premium TPE BDSM doll designed for a realistic and satisfying experience. Made for men seeking love toys with curvy and life-size proportions, this doll boasts western-style features and huge boobs. Experience pleasure at its best with this exquisite doll.

Details of Real SE Doll #122 Harper.C

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Specifications of Adult SE Doll #122 Harper.C

Head  SE#122
Skin color:light tan
Material:    TPE

Height      161cm | 5ft3
Upper bust      83cm | 32.7 in
Under bust      61cm | 24 in
Cup     F
Waist        50cm | 19.7 in    
Hip        89cm | 35 in  
Shoulder width   32cm | 13 in

Oral depth    15cm | 5.9 in    
Vagina depth    17cm | 6.6 in
Anus depth    17cm | 6.6 in    
Foot length    21cm | 8.2 in
Net Weight    35kg | 77.2 lbs    
Packing size    150*37*30cm