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SE Doll Jenny.J #088SO 167cm|5ft5 E-cup UK life size premium silicone muscle sex dolls for sale western high quality curvy sexy toys with ROS


Descriptions of SEDoll #088SO Jenny.J

Introducing the SE Doll Jenny.J #088SO, a premium silicone muscle sex doll designed for ultimate pleasure and realism. Standing at 167cm|5ft5 with a voluptuous E-cup bust, this western high-quality doll is sure to satisfy your desires. Experience a truly lifelike encounter with ROS technology.

Details of Real SE Doll #088SO Jenny.J

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Specifications of Adult SE Doll #088SO Jenny.J

Material:Full Silicone
Head  SE#088SO  (S meant silicone, O meant with oral function)
Name: Jenny.J
Skin color:natural

Height      167cm | 5ft5
Upper bust      85cm | 33.46 in
Under bust      65cm | 25.59 in
Cup   E
Waist        55cm | 21.65 in
Hip        91cm | 35.83 in

Arm length   70cm | 27.56in
Shoulder       33cm | 12.99 in
Calf line        34cm | 13.39 in
Thigh line      49cm | 19.29 in
Leg Length    82cm | 32.28 in
Foot length    21cm | 8.27 in
Vagina depth    17cm | 6.69 in
Anus depth    15cm | 5.91in
Oral depth    12cm | 4.72 in    
Net Weight    34kg | 74.96 lbs
Package Weight    46kg | 99.21 lbs
Packing size    156*41*29cm