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SE Doll Queena.H #083SO 165cm|5ft4 C-cup UK premium durable silicone lesbian sex dolls for sale western realistic sexy toys with ros

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Descriptions of SE Dolls #083SO Queena.H

Expertly crafted, the SE Doll Queena.H #083SO 165cm|5ft4 C-cup is a premium and durable silicone lesbian sex doll. With a realistic design and UK measurements, this doll offers a sensual experience like no other. Let your desires run wild with this Western-style doll, perfect for exploring new and exciting fantasies.

Specifications of Adult SE Doll #083SO Queena.H

Material:Full Silicone
Head  SE#083SO  (S meant silicone, O meant with oral function)
Name: Queena.H
Skin color:natural

Height      165cm | 5ft4
Upper bust      80cm | 31.50 in
Under bust      64cm | 25.20 in
Cup   C
Waist        57.5cm | 22.64 in    
Hip        95cm | 37.40 in  

Arm  length  66cm | 25.98 in
Shoulder       35cm | 13.78 in
Calf line        35.5cm | 13.98 in
Thigh line      56.5cm | 22.24 in
Leg Length    92cm | 36.22 in
Foot length    22cm | 8.66 in
Vagina depth    16cm | 6.30 in
Anus depth    14cm | 5.51 in
Oral depth    12cm | 4.72 in    
Net Weight    33kg | 72.75 lbs
Package Weight    48kg | 105.82 lbs
Packing size    156*41*29cm