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Qita Doll #113 Muscle Han 177cm|5.8ft hyper realistic male sex dolls for women best silicon asian man love toys on sale strong huge muscle body big penis handsome face

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Descriptions of Qita Dolls #113 Han

Qita Doll #113 Muscle Han 177cm|5.8ft offers hyper realism with an Asian man love toy. Crafted with the finest silicone for a strong and huge muscle body, this doll also has a big penis and a handsome face. Make your fantasies come true with this sale opportunity.

Details of Qita Sex Doll #113 Han

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Specifications of Qita Sex Dolls #113 Han

Height: 177cm / 5.8ft muscular man

Bust: 110cm / 43.3in

Hips: 90cm / 35.4in

Waist: 67cm / 26.4in

Shoulder width: 42cm / 16.5in

Upper arm circumference: 33cm / 13.0in

Arm length: 65cm / 25.6in

Leg length: 110cm / 43.3in

Thigh circumference: 59cm / 23.2in

Calf circumference: 43cm / 16.9in

Foot length: 25cm / 9.8in

Penis length: 15cm / 5.9in

Penis diameter: 3cm / 1.2in

Anus: 15cm / 5.9in

Weight 58kg / 127.9lbs