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Piper Doll Mai 150cm K cup lifelike asian female silicone sex dolls for sale huge soft breasts best love toys for men

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Description of Piper Sex Doll Mai

Piper Doll Mai 150cm K cup is an extraordinary lifelike silicone sex doll that features a realistic Asian female design and huge, soft breasts. With its lifelike appearance and feel, it is the perfect love toy for men, providing a realistic and enjoyable sexual experience.

Piper Love Doll Mai Photos

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Specifications of Piperdoll Mai

Height 150cm / 59.06inch
Head circumference 49.5cm / 19.49inch
Weight 25.5kg / 56.22lb
Neck 22cm / 8.66inch
Shoulder 35cm / 13.78inch
Bust 79cm / 31.10inch
Under bust 53cm / 20.87inch
Waist 50cm / 19.69inch
Hips 80cm / 31.50inch
Thigh length 38cm / 14.96inch
Thigh circumference 40cm / 15.75inch
Low leg length 40cm / 15.75inch
Calf circumference 26cm / 10.24inch
Upper arm length 24cm / 9.45inch
Upper arm girth 18cm / 7.09inch
Forearm length 24cm / 9.45inch
Forearm girth 17cm / 6.69inch
Feet 19cm / 7.48inch
Vagina 17cm / 6.69inch
Anus 14cm / 5.51inch
Box size 155*41.5*32cm / 61*16*13inch