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Piperdoll Ichika F-cup 155cm|5.09ft best pure silicone durable high quality sex dolls for men real life asian adult love toys for sale soft breasts realistic vagina sexy body


Descriptions of Piperdolls Ichika

The Piperdoll Ichika F-cup 155cm|5.09ft is a high-quality sex doll that is crafted from pure silicone for maximum durability. Her realistic body, soft breasts, and sexy vagina make her the perfect companion for any man. With the help of Ichika, you can experience a realistic, life-like experience that will have you coming back for more.

Details of Piper Doll Ichika

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Specifications of Piper Dolls Ichika

Height 155cm / 5.09ft

Head circumference 50cm / 19.7in

Weight 28kg / 61.7lbs

Neck 24cm / 9.4in

Shoulder 32cm / 12.6in

Bust 77cm / 30.3in

Under bust 57cm / 22.4in

Cup F-Cup

Waist 54cm / 21.3in

Hips 92cm / 36.2in

Thigh length 44cm / 17.3in

Thigh circumference 47cm / 18.5in

Low leg length 47cm / 18.5in

Calf circumference 29cm / 1.4in

Upperarm length 25cm / 9.8in

Upper arm girth 20cm / 7.9in

Forearm length 23.5cm / 9.3in

Forearm girth 18cm / 7.1in

Feet 21cm / 8.3in

Vagina 17cm / 6.7in

Anus 14cm / 5.5in

Package weight 36kg / 79.4lbs

package size 155*41.5*32cm / 61.0*16.3*12.6in