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Orange in #697 160cm|5.25ft C-cup UK premium silicone MILF sex dolls for men western life size curvy sexy toys with ros


Descriptions of Orangein 697

The Orange #697 sex doll, standing at 160cm/5.25ft and featuring a C-cup size, is the perfect choice for those seeking a premium, lifelike experience. Made with high-quality silicone, this curvy MILF doll will provide a realistic and satisfying experience for men. Western-inspired and seductively designed, she is the ultimate sexy toy for pleasure seekers.

Details of Orange in SexDoll 697

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Specifications of Orange in Sex Doll 697

Shoulder width  35cm | 13.8in
Chest circumference  82cm | 32.3in
Underbust  66cm | 26.0in
Waist  58cm | 22.8in
Hips  87cm | 34.25in
Hand length  64cm | 25.2in
Leg length  73cm | 28.7in
Foot length  20cm | 7.9in
Lower body depth 15-18cm | 5.9-7.1in
Oral depth  18cm | 7.1in
Anus  14cm | 5.5in
Single body net height  140cm | 4.59ft
Net weight  29kg | 63.9lbs
Package weight  36kg | 79.4lbs