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Orange in 667 169cm|5.54ft G-cup UK premium durable silicone huge boobs sex dolls for men western life size curvy sexy toys


Descriptions of Orange in SexDoll 667

The Orange in 667 169cm|5.54ft G-cup UK premium silicone sex doll boasts life-like curves and a durable construction. With its impressive G-cup size, this female sex doll offers a realistic experience for men seeking pleasure. Experience the Western life with this premium sex toy.

Details of Orange in Sex Doll 667

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Specifications of Orange in Sex Dolls 667

Shoulder width  34cm | 13.4in
Chest circumference  86cm | 33.9in
Underbust  62cm | 24.4 in
Waist  66cm | 26.0in
Hips  98cm | 38.6in
Hand length  65cm | 25.6in
Leg length  94cm | 37.0in
Foot length  23cm | 9.1in
Lower body depth 16-18cm | 6.3-7.1in
Oral depth  18cm | 7.1in
Anus  15cm | 5.9in
Single body net height  149cm | 4.89ft
Net weight  35kg | 77.2lbs
Package weight  40kg | 88.2lbs
Carton 156*40*30cm