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Jarliet Doll Nozomi 157cm|5.15ft B-cup Asian cheap life size TPE sex dolls for sale Japanese high quality skinny lesbian love toys with brown short straight hair


Descriptions of Jarliet Dolls Nozomi

This Jarliet Doll Nozomi is a high-quality TPE sex doll, featuring a life size 157cm height and B-cup bust. With its realistic brown short straight hair and sleek Asian design, this sex doll is perfect for those seeking a cheap yet authentic experience. Ideal for lesbian play, this doll offers a satisfying and pleasurable experience in a compact size.

Details of Jarliet Sex Doll Nozomi

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Specifications of Jarliet Sex Dolls Nozomi

Bust: 67cm | 26.4in
Under Bust: 54cm | 21.3in
Waist: 48cm | 18.9in
Hip: 77cm | 30.3in
Shoulder Width: 33cm | 13.0in
Arm Length: 47cm | 18.5in
Hand Length: 17cm | 6.7in
Leg Length: 101cm | 39.8in
Foot Length: 21cm | 8.3in
Mouth: 13cm | 5.1in
Vagina: 18cm | 7.1in
Anus: 16cm | 6.3in
Net Weight: 29.6KG | 65.3lbs
Gross Weight: 38KG | 83.8lbs
Carton Dimension:cm: 145*39*27cm