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Jarliet Doll Mizuki #91 JL170cm|5.58ft G-cup Asian best TPE curvy sex dolls for men Chinese high quality&hyper realistic mature female love toys for sale sexy body feature


Descriptions of Jarliet Dolls #91 Mizuki

Immerse yourself in the ultimate lifelike experience with Jarliet Doll Mizuki #91 JL170cm|5.58ft G-cup Asian TPE sex doll. Created with high-quality materials, this doll offers a hyper realistic and curvy body, with a G-cup size that will fulfill your every desire. Fulfill your fantasies with this mature and alluring female doll.

Specifications of Jarliet Sex Doll #91 Mizuki

Bust: 84cm | 33.1in
Under Bust: 60cm | 23.6in
Waist: 59cm | 23.2in
Hip: 98cm | 38.6in
Shoulder Width: 37cm | 14.6in
Arm Length: 54cm | 21.3in
Hand Length: 17cm | 6.7in
Leg Length: 105cm | 41.3in
Foot Length: 20cm | 7.9in
Mouth: 13cm | 5.1in
Vagina: 18cm | 7.1in
Anus: 17cm | 6.7in
Net Weight: 43.3KG | 95.5lbs
Gross Weight: 49.6KG | 109.3lbs
Carton Dimension:cm: 156*40*30cm