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Irontech Doll S47 Gia 162cm|5.31ft D-cup UK life size hybrid MILF sex dolls for men western high quality love toys with big booty


Descriptions of Iontech Dolls Gia

Introducing the Irontech Doll Gia S47 - the ultimate life size hybrid MILF sex doll for men. With a height of 162cm (5.31ft) and a D-cup bust, this Western high quality love toy boasts a realistic design and a big booty for added pleasure. Get ready to experience a whole new level of intimacy and satisfaction.

Details of Irontech SexDoll Gia

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Specifications of Irontech Sex Doll Gia

Body Height: 162cm / 5.31ft
Breastline: 78.5cm / 30.9in
Under Breastline: 68.5cm / 27.0in
Hipline: 99cm / 39.0in
Waistline: 63.5cm / 25in
Body Weight: 45.5kg / 100.3lbs
Arm Length: 52cm / 20.5in
Shoulder Width: 30cm / 11.8in
Calf Line: 35cm / 13.8in
Thigh Line: 55.5cm / 21.8in
Leg Length: 87cm / 34.2in
Feet Size: 22cm / 8.7in