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Irontech Doll Roselee 155cm|5.09ft B-cup UK best TPE shemale sex dolls with big dildo life size western skinny MILF trans love toys for sale

£1,389.99 £1,306.59

Descriptions of Iontech Dolls Roselee

The Irontech Doll Roselee 155cm is a high-quality TPE shemale sex doll known for its realistic appearance and lifelike feel. With a B-cup size and petite frame, she is the perfect western MILF for those seeking a more slender and youthful look. The skinny milf doll also comes with a large dildo, providing endless pleasure and options for fun.

Details of Irontech Dolls UK Roselee

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Specifications of Irontech Sex Doll Roselee

Height: 155cm / 5.09ft
Weight: 30kg / 66.1lbs
Breast: B-cup
Upper Bust: 74cm / 29.1in
Hips: 82cm / 32.3in
Waist: 57cm / 22.4in
Vagina Depth: 18cm / 7.1in
Anal Depth: 16cm / 6.3in
Oral Depth: 12cm / 4.7in