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Irontech M9 Lucas 170cm|5.58ft best durable silicone male sex dolls high end life size asian man love toys for sale blonde short hair huge penis


Descriptions of Irontech Dolls M9 Lucas

The Irontech Doll M9 Lucas is a high end silicone male sex doll that stands at 170cm|5.58ft tall, making it a life-size, realistic companion. It features a durable construction, a short blonde hairstyle, and a huge penis for an authentic experience. Get the best of both worlds with this incredible toy.

Details of Irontech Dolls UK M9 Lucas

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Specifications of Irontech Sex Doll M9 Lucas

Body height 170cm / 5.58ft silicone

Breastline 91cm / 35.8in

Under breastline 84cm / 33.1in

Waistline 72cm / 28.3in

Hip line 95cm / 37.4in

body weight 38kg / 83.8lbs

Arm length 62cm / 24.4in

Shoulder width 43cm / 16.9in

Calf line 38cm / 15.0in

Thigh line 53cm / 20.9in

Leg Length 88cm / 34.6in

Feet Size 24cm / 9.4in

Packing size 156*46*32cm