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Irontech Doll Betty S7 158cm|5ft2 E-cup Japanese high quality silicone pregnant sex dolls for sale best life size female adult toys for men natural skin long wavy hair


Descriptions of Irotech Dolls S7 Betty

Introducing Irontech Doll Betty S7, the ultimate lifelike Japanese adult toy for men. Standing at 158cm tall, she boasts an enticing E-cup size and natural looking skin made from high quality silicone. With her long wavy hair and realistic features, she offers a truly immersive experience. Elevate your pleasure to new heights with Irontech Doll Betty S7.

Details of Irontech Dolls UK S7 Betty

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Specifications of Irontech Sex Doll S7 Betty

Body height 158cm / 5ft2

Breastline 84cm / 33.1in

Under breastline 65cm / 25.59in

Waistline 85cm / 33.46in

Hip line 99cm / 38.98in

Body weight 45kg / 99.21lbs

Arm length 70cm / 27.6in

Shoulder width 37cm / 14.57in

Calf line 36cm / 14.17in

Thigh line 53cm / 20.87in

Leg Length 75cm / 29.53in

Feet Size 21cm / 8.28in

Anal Depth 16cm / 6.30in

Vaginal Depth 18cm / 7.09in

Package Size 150*42*35