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Irontech Doll S39 Gladys 159cm|5.22ft plus G-cup silicone head&TPE body premium durable asian hybrid sex dolls for sale UK hyper realistic female adult love toys for men huge breasts slim waist green bikini long wavy hair


Descriptions of Irontech Dolls S39 Gladys

The Irontech Doll S39 Gladys is a premium, hyper-realistic, adult love doll. It features a 5.22ft tall silicone head and TPE body with a G-cup bust. This doll has a slim waist, long wavy hair, and comes dressed in a green bikini. Durable and exquisitely crafted, Gladys is perfect for those seeking a realistic experience.

Details of Irontech Doll UK S39 Galdys

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Specifications of Irontech Sex Doll S39 Gladys

Body height 159cm / 5.22ft plus

Breastline 82cm / 32.3in

Under breastline 58cm / 22.8in

Waistline 53cm / 20.9in

Hip line 94cm / 37.0in

Body weight 37kg / 81.6lbs

Arm length 66cm / 26.0in

Shoulder width 33cm / 13.0in

Calf line 31cm / 12.2in

Thigh line 51cm / 20.1in

Leg Length 85cm / 33.5in

Feet Size 21cm / 8.3in