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Irontech Doll Nico #39 162cm|5.31ft Minus UK premium durable silicone lesbian sex dolls for sale western life size female love toys with brown medium wavy hair light tan skin


Descriptions of Irontech Dolls #39 Nico

Expertly crafted to resemble a realistic human body, the Irontech Doll Nico #39 is made with premium durable silicone that can withstand frequent use. With its soft and flexible body, this life-size female love toy offers a realistic sexual experience. Its brown wavy hair and light tan skin add to its natural and appealing look.

Details of Irontech Dolls UK #39 Nico

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Specifications of Irontech Sex Doll #39 Nico

Height 162cm / 5.31ft silicone doll

Breastline 78.5cm / 30.9in

Under breastline 68.5cm / 27.0in

Waistline 63.5cm / 25.0in

Hip line 99cm / 39.0in

Weight 39.2kg / 86.4lbs

Arm length 52cm / 20.5in

Shoulder width 30cm / 11.8in

Calf line 35cm / 13.8in

Thigh line 55.5cm / 21.8in

Leg Length 87cm / 34.2in

Feet Size 22cm / 8.7in

Oral Depth 12cm / 4.72in

Anal Depth 16cm / 6.30in

Vaginal Depth 18cm / 7.09in