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Gamelady Nier NO.18_1 171cm|5.61ft G-cup UK high quality silicone curvy sex doll for sale western hyper realistic female adult dolls for men white short hair

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Descriptions of Gamelady Doll Nier

Introducing Gamelady Nier NO.18_1, the lifelike and high-quality silicone sex doll. Standing at 171cm with a G-cup, this western-style doll offers a hyper realistic experience. Perfectly crafted for male pleasure, her short white hair adds a touch of sophistication. Upgrade your intimate moments with this expertly designed adult doll.

Specifications of Gamelady Dolls Nier

Height 171cm / 5.61ft
Body height (excluding head) 154cm / 60.63in
Upper bust 91cm / 35.83in
Underbust 67cm / 26.38in
Waist 58.5cm / 23.03in
Hips 97cm / 38.19in
Neck circumference 32cm / 12.60in
Shoulder width 38.5cm / 15.16in
Arm length 68cm / 26.77in
Hand length 17cm / 6.69in
Leg length 86cm / 33.86in
Foot length 21cm / 8.27in
Vagina 16cm / 6.30in
Anus 15cm / 5.91in
Weight 37kg / 81.57lbs