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Fanreal Doll Maria 170cm|5.58ft G-cup best pure silicone huge breasts and ass sex dolls life size asian love toys for men fair skin sexy lady

£2,999.00 £2,789.07

Introduction of Fanreal Doll Maria

Fanreal Maria is a life size sex doll that offers an amazing experience with her 170cm height and G cup size. Constructed from high quality certified silicone, this doll offers realistic feeling and texture, and her Asian fair skin adds a touch of exotic beauty. Enjoy her huge breasts and ass, and add her to your toy collection.

Details of Fanreal Maria

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Fanreal Sex Doll Maria Specifications

Height: 170cm / 5.58ft

Shoulder width: 39cm / 15.4in

Weight: 42kg / 92.6lbs

Upper bust: 93cm / 36.6in

Under bust: 68cm / 26.8in

Waist: 63cm / 24.8in

Hips: 103cm / 40.6in

Foot Length: 23.5cm / 9.25in