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Climax Doll Gimogi Ultra SiQ157cm|5.15ft C-cup UK silicone lesbian sex dolls for sale western life size sexy toys with real oral cavity


Descriptions of Climax Dolls Gimogi

Discover an incredible sensation with Climax Doll Gimogi Ultra SiQ157cm|5.15ft C-cup, designed to provide ultimate pleasure. Made from premium silicone, this life-size lesbian sex doll offers a realistic experience with a real oral cavity. With a UK design and C-cup size, indulge in your wildest fantasies with this high-quality and sensual toy.

Price includes the following:
1: articulated fingers
2: real oral sex
3: movable jaw
4: realistic body makeup
5: simulated scalp wig
6: EVO skeleton

Details of Climax SexDoll Gimogi

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Specifications of Climax SexDolls Gimogi

Height(Model) SiQ157cm-Gimogi Leg Length 88cm(34.6in)
Height(no head) 140cm(55in) Thigh 50cm(19.7in)
Upper Chest 72cm(28.3in) Arm Length 64cm(25.1in)
Lower Chest 56cm(22in) Sole 22cm(8.7in)
Waist 53cm(20.8in) N.W 35kg(77LB)
Hip 88cm(34.6in) G.W 44kg(97LB)
Shoulder 35cm(13.8in) Carton Size 141*35*29cm
Oral: 12cm, Vagina: 18cm, Anus: 15cm