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Climax Doll Savannah #874 New Hybrid Torso Sex Doll UK High Quality Granny Half Love Toys with Fat Body Feauture

£1,199.69 £1,139.70

Descriptions of CLM #874 Savannah

Introducing the Climax Doll Savannah #874, the perfect blend of realistic features and advanced technology. With a hybrid torso design, this high quality sex doll offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Bring your fantasies to life with the ultimate granny half love toy, featuring a fat body feature for added enticement.

Specifications of CLM #874 Savannah

Model 874# Torso-Silicone Head Hip 93cm(36.6in)
Height 110cm(35.4in) N.W 30kg(66.1LB)
Width 50cm(19.6in) G.W 34kg(75LB)
Thickness 31cm(12.2in) Carton Size 110*45*40cm
Shoulder 40cm(15.7in) 1: Realistic oral
2: Movable jaw
3: Softer oral
4: Simulated scalp wig
Breast 93cm(36.6in)
Waist 70cm(27.6in)
Oral: 12cm, Vagina: 18cm, Anus: 15cm