Climax Doll Savannah SiE159cm|5.22ft E-cup UK high quality durable silicone mature sex dolls for sale life size western thick sexy toys with real oral cavity


Descriptions of Climax Dolls Savannah

Expertly crafted and designed, our Climax Doll Savannah offers a life-size, realistic experience. Made with high-quality and durable silicone, this 159cm (5.22ft) E-cup doll features a Western style with a thick, sexy figure. Complete with a real oral cavity, this doll is perfect for those seeking a mature and authentic experience.

 Price includes the following:
 1. articulated fingers
 2. realistic oral
 3. movable jaw
 4. softer oral
 5. simulated scalp wig
 6. EVO skeleton

Details of Climax Sex Doll Savannah

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Specifications of Climax Sex Dolls Savannah

Model SiE159cm

Height  140cm | 55.1in

Upper Breast 87cm | 34.3in

Lower Breast 68cm | 26.8in

Waist 73cm | 28.8in

Hip  98cm | 38.6in

Shoulder 38cm | 15in

Leg Length  96cm | 37.8in

Thigh  54cm | 21.3in

Arm Length  67cm | 26.4in

Sole  23cm | 9in

N.W  46kg | 101lbs

G.W  53kg | 116lbs

Caton Size  151*37*28cm

Oral  12cm | 4.7in

Vagina  18cm | 7.1in

Anus  15cm | 5.9in