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Climax Doll RS-1 Spot Lamp Black Silicone Torso Sex Dolls 38.6cm|15.16in best soft half love toy torso butt for sale

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Descriptions of Climax Dolls RS-1 Torso Butt

Expertly designed and crafted, the Climax Doll RS-1 Spot Lamp Black Silicone Torso Sex Doll offers a stunning and lifelike experience. Made from high-quality silicone, this 38.6cm|15.16in torso doll features a soft and realistic texture for ultimate pleasure. Perfect for those looking for a discreet and portable option, this love toy torso butt provides an unforgettable experience.

Details of Climax Sex Doll RS-1 Torso Doll Butt

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Specifications of Climax Sex Dolls RS-1 Torso Toy Butt

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