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Climax Doll Polly Pro 877# Torso Love Toy 90cm|35.4in UK Hyper Realistic Hybrid Curvy Half Body Adult Dolls with Perfect Body Curves

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Descriptions of Climax 877# Torso Sex Doll Polly

The Climax Doll Polly Pro 877# Torso Love Toy is a UK hyper realistic hybrid curvy half body adult doll with perfect body curves. With a height of 90cm|35.4in, this torso love toy is expertly crafted for an unmatched experience. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this tantalizingly realistic and curvaceous torso.

Specifications of Climax Sex Doll Torso #877 Polly

Model  877# Torso

Height  90cm | 35.4in

Width  52cm | 20.5in

Thickness  30cm | 11.8in

Shoulder  37cm | 14.6in

Breast  73cm | 28.7in

Waist  53cm | 20.9in

Hip  98cm | 38.6in

N.W  27.3kg | 60lbs

G.W  31.3kg | 69lbs

Caton Size  94*42*32cm

Vagina  18cm | 7.1in

Anus  15cm | 5.9in