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Climax Doll 870# Torso Classic Cinnamon 90cm|35.4in UK High Quality Portable TPE Realistic Half Body Sex Dolls For Male

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Descriptions of Climax Dolls Classic 870# Torso Sex Doll

The Climax Doll 870# Torso Classic Cinnamon is a high-quality TPE torso sex doll designed for male pleasure. With a compact and portable design, this 90cm|35.4in half body love doll offers a realistic and satisfying experience. Made with superior materials, it provides a lifelike feel and is perfect for those seeking a discreet and convenient way to fulfill their desires.

Details of Climax Sex Doll Torso Classic 870#

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Specifications of Climax Sex Dolls Torso Classic 870#

Model  870# Torso

Height  90cm | 35.4in

Width  49cm | 19.3in

Thickness  32cm | 12.6in

Shoulder  34cm | 13.4in

Breast  94cm | 37in

Waist  61cm | 24in

Hip  89cm | 35in

N.W  28kg | 61.7lbs

G.W  32kg | 70.5lbs

Caton Size  94*42*32cm

Vagina  18cm | 7.1in

Anus  15cm | 5.9in