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Climax Doll Gloria Classic 24S 155cm|5.08ft UK realistic BBW sex dolls for men western mature sexy toys with big boobs&big booty brown short wavy hair


Descriptions of Climax Dolls Gloria

Introducing the Climax Doll Gloria Classic 24S, the ultimate realistic BBW sex doll for men. Standing at 155cm|5.08ft, she boasts a big bust and a curvaceous booty, perfect for fulfilling your wildest fantasies. With short wavy brown hair and a classic design, she is sure to please any lover of western mature sexy toys.

Details of Climax Sex Doll Gloria

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Specifications of Climax Sex Dolls Gloria

Model 155cm

Height  138cm | 54.3in

Upper Breast 102cm | 40.2in

Lower Breast 64cm | 25.2in

Waist 60.5cm | 23.8in

Hip  107cm | 42.1in

Shoulder 37cm | 14.6in

Leg Length  81cm | 31.9in

Thigh  56.5cm | 22.2in

Arm Length  59cm | 23.2in

Sole  21cm | 8.3in

N.W  43kg | 94.8lbs

G.W  51kg | 112.4lbs

Caton Size  150*47*37cm

Oral  10cm | 3.9in

Vagina  18cm | 7.1in

Anus  15cm | 5.9in