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Aibei Doll Mida 234# 157cm|5.15ft E-cup UK cheap best TPE curvy sex dolls for men western high quality&hyper realistic mature female love toys for sale light tan skin brown long wavy hair sexy body feature

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Descriptions of Aibei Dolls 234# Mida

Introducing Aibei Doll Mida 234# 157cm|5.15ft E-cup, the ultimate choice for men seeking a hyper realistic, mature female love toy. With its high quality TPE material and curvy, sexy body, this doll is designed to provide an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the light tan skin, brown wavy hair, and E-cup size for ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

Details of Aibei Sex Doll 234# Mida

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Specifications of Aibei Sex Dolls 233# Mida

Shoulder width 34cm / 13.4in

Bust 80cm / 31.5in

Under bust 60cm / 23.6in

Waist 52cm / 20.5in

Hips 84cm / 33.1in

Thigh length 40cm / 15.7in

Calf length 38cm / 15.0in

Thigh circumference 45cm / 17.7in

Calf circumference 27cm / 10.6in

Upper arm length 25cm / 9.8in

Lower arm length 22cm / 8.7in

Wrist circumference 15cm / 5.9in

Palm length 16cm / 6.3in

Ankle circumference 18cm / 7.1in

Sole length 21cm / 8.3in

Net weight 31.35kg / 69.1lbs

Packing weight 39.36kg / 86.8lbs

Packaging specifications: 148*38*28cm / 58.3*15.0*11.0in