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6YE Doll Biscu #478B 161cm|5.28ft M-cup UK best hybrid BBW sex dolls for men western life size thick love toy for sale fat lady with huge breasts&big butt


Descriptions of 6YE Dolls #478B Biscu

Introducing the 6YE Doll Biscu #478B, a versatile and lifelike sex doll for men. With a height of 161cm (5.28ft) and an M-cup size, this doll is perfect for those who prefer a curvier body type. Made with high-quality materials, this doll offers a realistic experience for your pleasure. Bring your fantasies to life with this UK best hybrid BBW sex doll that features a huge bust and a voluptuous rear. Get yours now and take your pleasure to the next level.

Details of 6YE Sex Doll #478B Biscu

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Specifications of 6YE SexDoll #478B Biscu

Height:161cm / 5.28ft+silicone head with ROS
Weight:57KG / 125.7lbs
Gross Weight:66KG / 145.5lbs
Upper chest:110cm / 43.3in
Lower chest:69cm / 27.2in
Waist:80cm / 31.5in
Hip:115cm / 45.3in
Foot lengtj:22cm / 8.7in
Arm length:60cm / 23.6in
Leg length:79cm / 31.1in
Thigh circumference:67cm / 26.4in
Package size:154*42*37cm