YL Sex Dolls-Give You Ultimate Sexual Experience

A doll is a type of sex toy in the shape and size of a real woman or man for aid in masturbation. These realistic love toys can take your solo sessions to new, erotic heights. YL DOLL is a doll manufacturer based in China which mainly offers variety of TPE sex dolls.

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Sprecial Feature of YL Love Dolls

In order to enrich the functions of sex dolls and achieve a more realistic effect, some dolls have the function of breathing, pronunciation and intelligent dialogue.

Breathing Function

The breathing function is mainly manifested in the ups and downs of the chest and the outflow of the mouth. To achieve the breathing function, the breathing body must be equipped with a breathing head with a trachea.

Pronunciation Function

Some dolls will moan when shaking to Improve the user's immersive experience.

Intelligent Dialogue

You can have a simple verbal communication with your YL sex doll who will chat with you like a real person.

Sex Doll Care Kit

Proper and timely care is essential to prolong the life of a sex doll and ensure maximum durability for its intended use. YL Dolls provides a care package for each YL sex doll, which contains the following:

  • Spray bottle
  • Baby wipes (unscented)
  • Soft fleece towel
  • Cornstarch baby powder
  • Thick makeup brush
  • Baby oil
  • Nivea creme
  • Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

About YL Dolls UK

YL Dolls is a doll manufacturer based in China. Since 2013 YL has been creating life size dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer known as TPE.

The YL dolls UK are incredibly soft to the touch and when powdered feel very similar to human skin. YL sex dolls are very flexible and poseable by using stainless steel skeleton designs.

Products listed on YL Dolls include shipping, there is no separate shipping charge. YL usually use DHL, Fedex , TNT and UPS for shipping and the package is very discreet. 

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